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In common air conditioning use, an air conditioner is a device that climatizes your building to ensure proper humidity and temperature levels. Keeping your home or building cool during the summer months can be critical in the safety and comfort of you and others. The brands we use are the most efficient and reliable machines on the market, you set the temperature to your comfort and let us handle the rest. Servicing Thornton, Northglenn, Brighton, CO & the Denver metro area.


Air conditioners have a lot of parts moving and non moving that can go out over time. When there is a failure in a part of your air conditioner, it can lead to more problems causing you major problems in the summer months. Whether your issue is big or small, our team members can help you out.

Offering Heating and Cooling Services in the Denver, CO metro area!

GE Heating & Air, Inc also provides exceptional services including Indoor Air Cleaners, Central Humidifiers and More in Thornton, Northglenn, Brighton, CO. See our Specials Page for discounts and our Project Gallery displaying some of our work.